The Group Nyc

Four to seven

" ‎in august of 1996, record player Lionel Fantom, just finished his set at 4 am. On his walk home from Park Avenue, Manhattan to Ocean Hill, Brooklyn.

We experience his journey."








Lionel fantom, a wealthy and famous Dj is going into a spiritual revolution, fighting to keep a grip on reality. Redefining through his expression what reality had become in his mind. The protagonist Lionel Fantom is a conduit for various entities; Ninjinsky, Baudlaire, Rimbaud, Tupac and Lorca.

Taking them out of the individual, out of their social context, beyond space, time, creed, and culture and into a spiritual context. Stripping them of their ego in Room Ninety Nine, where they meet for the same purpose.

Actor Kevin Leonard is brilliant both the film and stage adaptions (Four To Seven) in a symbiotic performance of man dealing with the history of existential angst.

Pics © Peter Hill

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