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Born and raised in Paris, France, Eric Blaze grew up surrounded by music of many different styles which have greatly influenced him.

In the early 80's, Hip Hop took France and the rest of Europe by storm. The new beats, the different ways of making music and the emerging artists of the era were a revelation for the young Eric, who realized immediately that creating Hip Hop music was his future.

So, in 1996, the beat-maker flew to New York City to make contacts and begin the effort of establishing himself in the NYC Hip Hop scene. The New York streets and airwaves were exploding with Hip Hop sounds, and Eric, determined to make crucial connections, eventually took up residence in Brooklyn.

From that point on, this French artist has been bringing his unique style to collaborations with some of the Big Apple's finest artists like Queensbridge's Screwball, Kamakazee, Infamous Mobb, Blaq Poet, Bronx Alien, Smiley the Ghetto Child and legendary crew D.I.T.C.’s Showbiz. One of the crew co-founders was so impressed with E.Blaze's abilities that they had him produce half of the tracks for D.I.T.C's members OC & AG's critically acclaimed album, Oasis, which came out in 2009.

In 2004, he put out a 12 inch with two tracks featuring Kamakazee and Blaq Poet. The legendary Marley Marl remixed both tracks and played them in rotation on his radio show "Future Flavas" for many months. 

Another one of his acclaimed productions featuring Infamous Mobb "Capital Q" was ranked in the Complex (Marc Ecko) / online edition as one of the 50 greatest Queensbridge Rap Songs of All time. A first for a European beat maker.

Currently, Eric Blaze lives in New York City and is working with a multitude of talented artists worldwide (while co-managing the world-renowned record store, Academy Records and A1 records (another renowned record store).

Eric is sure to continue providing us with his personal music collection, rare grooves, and his own unique productions, all while showing the utmost respect to a pure art form by keeping it alive in his own unique, but traditional way!




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