For the luv' of it Vol.2 Limited Black Vinyl

For the luv' of it Vol.2 Limited Black Vinyl



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Fresh off the re-release of For the Luv of It Vol. 3: Reloaded, acclaimed producer E. Blaze brings us another instrumental re-release, this time for For the Luv of It Vol.2 as For the Luv of It Vol. 2: Reloaded. 

His "Reloaded" series is a way of going back by revisiting the 3 volumes of his 'For the Luv of It' series, almost like telling a story in reverse. Vol. 3: Reloaded has been co-signed by many pioneers and leaders in the Hip Hop community, including DJ Premier, Da Beatminerz, Lord Finesse, Large Professor, DJ Eclipse and many many more.

Blaze, a well respected Hip Hop producer who was reared in Paris, but came up in NYC, is on a roll with the Reloaded series and plans to release Vol. 1 Reloaded this year as well. Each volume is essentially a different book or chapter in the journey that Blaze has dubbed For the Luv of It, as it is evident from his music, he truly has a deep-rooted love and a genuine respect for all things Hip Hop.


01. Intro
02. DWA
03. Hard
04. LIN
05. Whisper
06. MOD
07. Sha
08. Tan
09. Laid Back
10. Ralph
11. Smooth
12. Drama
13. Fur
14. Dann
15. Jap
16. MOR